How did National Marina Day begin?

In February of 2001, AMI’s Board of Directors, sensing a need to burnish the marina industry’s already positive image, approved the creation of a national grassroots, public education initiative called National Marina Day.

In the summer of 2001, AMI officially proclaimed the second Saturday of August (this has since changed to June) as National Marina Day. Shortly afterward, a diverse committee of marina operators around the country, under the direction of AMI Vice President Mildred Walker of Lynn Creek Marina in Grand Prairie, TX, began planning for the first-ever observance of this important industry event.

Since this first event, National Marina Day has continued to grow and evolve into a day of celebrating marinas and the role they play in our communities and in our country’s recreation. The variety of events held expands each year with the creativity of the marina operators who participate.

In its 18th year, National Marina Day has grown to be National Marina Days. Marinas countrywide are encouraged to hold events and fundraisers. National Marina Days gives an opportunity to grow the boating participation, give back to our supportive communities, and enjoy all our marinas have to offer!