Vision:   Marine industry stakeholders (marinas, dealers, manufacturers, boater education organizations), working in unison, plan and conduct a series of nationwide events for National Marina Days that promote boating and the boating lifestyle and serve to grow boat ownership and increase participation in boating activities


Objective:   Use collaborative, cross marketing events as a common tool to promote the business of boating and ultimately help stakeholder participants achieve their own, individual business objectives


Goal:    Provide on water experiences and landside activities through events that:

  • Introduce the benefits and fun of boating to a new audience with little or no boating experience.
  • Create new prospects for boats, accessories and related equipment and services and shorten the decision time frame for those already in the funnel.
  • Re-energizes existing boaters’ enthusiasm for boating and creates a desire to move up in size or class and or add new accessories and equipment.
  • Motivates lapsed boaters to reconsider their decision to leave and encourages them to get involved once again in some form (ownership, charter, club, rental).
  • Motivates donations to charities such as Folds of Honor.