Sample Proclamation

A proclamation puts your community’s leadership on record about the benefits of your marina. After your state, city council or other local governing body has passed this proclamation, you can post it in public places, give it to local newspapers, and distribute it through the marina’s newsletter.  You may also send it to your member of Congress with a customized letter.

Sample Proclamation in PDF format.
Sample Proclamation in MS Word format.

Press Release Template

A simple news release can go a long way in promoting your National Marina Days event and encouraging community participation in your activities.

You will want to issue this release to local media. You may want to send copies to community organizations, as well as post it in local government offices and other public places. You may also want to distribute it to your marina’s patrons in advance of planned activities.

However you choose to distribute this, be sure to time the release to maximize the exposure of your special events.

Download the press release template

National Marina Days PowerPoint

This PowerPoint presentation is a great resource for events of all kinds.

Download the National Marina Day PowerPoint Presentation

Celebrations for Marina Product and Service Providers

Each day, products and service suppliers to the marina industry provide the tools marinas need to be safe, family-friendly gateways to boating, and stewards of the environment. As an important component of the marina industry, businesses like yours are encouraged to participate in National Marina Days.

Download the Celebrations for Marina Product and Service Providers

Suggested Planning Timeline

Having a plan is essential to getting the word out about your event the right way and making it a success. Attached below is a suggested timeline to go about planning your National Marina Days events and festivities.

Download the Suggested Timeline

Facility Tour Checklist

A tour of your facility educates politicians and the non-boating public about the marina industry and more importantly, about YOUR company.

When conducting a tour, be sure to explain to your visitors every nuance of your facility from the front office to the pumpout dock and everything in between.  Share your success stories and register your concerns.  Highlight the many jobs your facility has created.

Explain the economic impact your marina or business has on your local community.  By putting a face on the marina industry, a facility tour prompts politicians and the public to become supporters of your facility and the marina industry.

Download the Facility Tour Check List

National Marina Days Logo

Find the official National Marina Days logo below in JPG, GIF, and PNG format for your marina’s use.

NMD Logo (PNG)
NMD Logo (PNG – Transparent Background)

Sample Radio Scripts

Here are two radio spot scripts for your use. The first is a 30-second script and the second a 60-second script. Complete each announcement, making sure that your changes do not push your advertisements over 30 or 60 seconds. Then deliver your announcements to local radio stations or mail them with a cover letter that explains your National Marina Day activities.

Download Sample Radio Broadcast

Sample Letter to Public Officials and Political Candidates

National Marina Day is a perfect opportunity for you to educate political candidates and public officials about your marina and show people how they can support the marina industry. This is also a good time to get candidates and public officials on record about their support for your company and recreational boating in general.

Customize this letter to suit your particular situation and adapt it for local, state, and federal officials.

Download the Sample Letter to Politicians in PDF format
Download the Sample Letter to Politiians in MS Word format

Salute to Employees

Your employees are the ambassadors of our industry and have a tremendous impact on how your customers and your community view your facility. Your business employees put a face on the marina as they interact with your customers on a daily basis.

National Marina Days offers marinas a rare opportunity to combine the enthusiasm and pride employees already feel for their marina with the gratification of knowing employers appreciate their efforts.

This sample salute can be posted in break rooms or employee-only areas, or can be reproduced as a memo in paycheck envelopes. It can also be delivered as a short speech at an employee gathering.

Download the Salute to Employees